Guidance and exercises to treat ED in the body and mind

Professional help for real improvement.

Welcome to the ED Guide—a video series led by experts in health, wellness, and sex. These videos can help you and your partner address the mental, physical, lifestyle, and relationship aspects of ED.

Dr. Lax
Dr. Lax
Integrative & Functional Medicine
Rachel Madorsky
Rachel Madorsky
Couples Therapist
Dr. Morales
Dr. Morales
Dr. Ansorge
Dr. Ansorge
Dr. Harding
Dr. Harding
Integrative & Functional Medicine

About Giddy and Eddie

How to Size Eddie
An overview of sizing and Size Insurance
How to Wear Eddie
Applying Eddie and the tension bands
How Eddie Works
The science behind Eddie by Giddy
How to Clean Eddie
Cleaning Eddie and the tension bands

Get Started

Introduction to your hosts, John and Trisha
What to Expect from the ED Guide
An overview of the experts and information
The Benefits of the ED Guide
What makes this video series unique

Diet & Nutrition

Importance of Gut Health
Why the gut is the "gateway to health"
Adopting a Healthy Diet
How to improve your eating habits
What Your Plate Should Look Like
Set these basic goals for each meal
Healthy Diet for Medical Issues
Eating right for Diabetes, ED, and more
Nutritional Substitutions
Healthier versions of unhealthy foods

Learning about ED

How an Erection Works
The physiology of bloodflow and erections
ED Defined
Scientific vs personal definitions
Types of ED Causes
The many factors of erectile dysfunction
Medical History and ED
10 daily, 1-second kegel reps, for 7 days
Medications Linked to ED
These common drugs can cause ED
Prostate Cancer
Explaining the strong link to ED
Hormone Imbalance
Balancing testosterone and estrogen
ED Prevalence and Severity
How common is ED?
Nocturnal Erections
An explanation of "morning wood"
What getting older means for erections

Lifestyle Improvements for ED

Physical Stress
How inflammation affects ED
Healthy Sleep
The importance of REM sleep
Functional Lifestyle Medicine
What it is, and how it relates to ED
Sedentary Lifestyle
Drinking, smoking, and being "lazy"
Healthy Partner Lifestyle
Involving a partner in ED treatment
Importance of Physical Exercise
The many benefits of physical fitness

Physical vs Mental ED

Fight of Flight
How the cortisol hormone affects ED
The Expectancy Effect
Why expectations can be harmful
Performance Anxiety
What it is, and what you can do
Creating Normalcy With ED
Removing ED pressure and stress
Re-naming Your ED
Asking "how" rather than "why"
Physical Vs Mental ED
The multi-factoral nature of ED
Depression and ED
A cycle of causes and effects

Relationships and Intimacy

Judgment and Blame
Overcoming these common feelings
Partner Perspective
Taking the pressure off your partner
Keeping a healthy mindset
First Time Communication
How to bring up erectile dysfunction
Partner Communication Challenges
ED's affect on relationships
Dating With ED
Advice for single men experiencing ED
Relationship Maintenance
For a close, strong connection
Love Languages
The 5 ways to communicate love
Sensate Focus
Explaining this popular intimacy exercise
Pacing (Slow Down to Speed Up)
Taking your time, for a better result
EXERCISE: Cuddling
Physical touch without pressure
EXERCISE: Sensate Therapy
Exploring and focusing on your partner
EXERCISE: Soothing Genital Touch
Focusing on your body's response
EXERCISE: Waxing & Waning
Exploring the phases of an erection

Week 1 Exercises

Destressing Bedtime Routine (Week 1)
"Candling down" your circadian rhythm
Food and Poo Log (Week 1)
Creating awareness of your digestion
Improving Communication (Week 1)
Re-naming "dysfunction"
Kegel Progression (Week 1)
10 daily, 1-second kegel reps, for 7 days
No-Pressure Dating (Week 1)
Asking your partner on a first date
Nutrition (Week 1)
Starting with reduction
Stress Relief & Better Sleep (Week 1)
The "4-7-8" Breathing Technique
Taste the Rainbow (Week 1)
Adding one new color to your diet

Week 2 Exercises

Destressing Bedtime Routine (Week 2)
Going to bed 30 minutes earlier
Improving Communication (Week 2)
Body appreciation
Stress Relief & Better Sleep (Week 2)
Decreasing the temperature
No-Pressure Dating (Week 2)
Sharing a sex story
Food and Poo Log (Week 2)
Logging food, feelings, and digestion
Kegel Progression (Week 2)
10 daily, 2-second kegel reps, for 7 days
Taste the Rainbow (Week 2)
Adding two new colors to your diet
Nutrition (Week 2)
Easy food substitutions

Week 3 Exercises

Destressing Bedtime Routine (Week 3)
Reducing screen time before bed
Improving Communication (Week 3)
Asking the right questions
Stress Relief & Better Sleep (Week 3)
Decreasing the temperature
No-Pressure Dating (Week 3)
Fun, shame-free sex
Food and Poo Log (Week 3)
Studying your log
Kegel Progression (Week 3)
10 daily, 3-second kegel reps, for 7 days
Taste the Rainbow (Week 3)
Adding three new colors to your diet
Nutrition (Week 3)
Eliminating unhealthy foods

Week 4 Exercises

Destressing Bedtime Routine (Week 4)
Increasing your blue light reduction
Improving Communication (Week 4)
"Love, Fear, and Wanting"
Stress Relief & Better Sleep (Week 4)
Practicing simple meditation
No-Pressure Dating (Week 4)
Trying something new
Food and Poo Log (Week 4)
Replacing your top 5 foods
Kegel Progression (Week 4)
10 daily, 4-second kegel reps, for 7 days
Taste the Rainbow (Week 4)
Repeating Week 3 to build the habit
Nutrition (Week 4)
Adding healthy foods