Bedroom Signs Your Man Might Have Erectile Dysfunction

Published: January, 11 2022

Signs Your Man Might Have ED

When it comes to bedroom intimacy, things may not always click with your partner. Even if you’re with the love of your life, chances are you won’t always align with them every time you try to have sex or be intimate. 

While not being able to have sex to completion may be a normal part of being with a partner at times, if they are having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, it could be more than a matter of misalignment with a partner or them not being in the mood. They may be experiencing erectile dysfunction. 

There are many indications that your man may be experiencing erectile dysfunction. Here are some bedroom signs that ED is to blame. 

He Can’t Get Hard

While it may seem a little obvious, if your man can’t achieve an erection, it may be an indication that he has erectile dysfunction. An erection is a complicated bodily process that occurs when the tissue inside of the penis fills up with blood. When a man is sexually aroused, signals from the brain and surrounding tissues of the genitals relax and allow blood to flow in and fill the open spaces. 

The process of achieving an erection involves many physical and psychological processes in order to take place, so if your partner is having difficulty with an erection, there could be several reasons behind their inability to become erect. By seeking a diagnosis with ED, your man may be able to get the help or treatment that they need from a medical professional so that it isn’t a barrier to a vivacious sex life with you. 

He Can’t Stay Hard

Some people may only associate ED with the inability to get an erection, but what if your partner has no trouble with getting an erection and instead struggles to maintain an erection to completion? ED isn’t necessarily an all-or-nothing condition and has varying levels of severity. 

If your partner can get an erection but then loses it suddenly, or before he is able to finish, this may also be a sign that he is experiencing a form of erectile dysfunction. If the sexual stimulation is present enough for him to achieve an erection, it’s possible that a medical or psychological condition is to blame for it disappearing. 

Not Hard Enough

Your partner may be able to get an erection, but it’s not hard enough for penetrative sex. Due to an erection being the primary result of blood flow to the penis, this could be the result of ED. 

This specific indication of erectile dysfunction may come on over a gradual period of time, so it may not be as noticeable immediately as some of the other signs. When it gets to the point that penetration is difficult or not possible, then it may be time for your man to consult with a medical professional to address what’s causing his erectile dysfunction. 

Infrequent Erection

If it seems like your man is always down to heat things up in the bedroom, but he is unable to match this energy with an erection, it may be an indication that they are experiencing ED. While the occasional inability to get an erection is completely normal and routine, if this is an issue for your partner more than 50 percent of the time that they’re attempting to be sexually intimate, then ED is likely to blame. 

Even if it’s happening less than half the time that your partner tries to participate in sex, the anxiety surrounding it happening again may even be contributing to it happening again. 

ED is Common and Treatable

More often than not, if erectile dysfunction is getting in the way of your sex life with your partner, there is a solution to help your partner manage their ED. Be positive and encourage him to bring the issue up to his primary doctor, a urologist, or a sex therapist. 

It can be a difficult conversation, but talking about ED is the first step to treating it and getting the heat back in the bedroom. 

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