Can a Vegan Diet Lead to Better Erections?

Published: February, 11 2022

How does a healthy diet affect erections?

In past pop culture, we’ve previously associated male virility with eating meat due to the historical association of men being the ‘hunters’ of society. However, as we’ve learned over time, eating too much meat can contribute to health conditions such as heart disease and high cholesterol. But how much do our diets affect sex, particularly the quality of erections? 

While previously we’ve associated eating meat with a raging sex drive, following a vegan or plant-based diet may actually contribute to better erections and overall sex life. Here’s a look into how a vegan diet plays a part in your sexual performance. 

Sexual Performance is Complicated 

Before we launch into the effects of a vegan diet on one's physical and psychological health, it’s important to note that sexual performance is a complicated process that involves many factors. For this reason, it’s difficult to study how solely dietary changes affect sexual performance, as there are many factors at play: physical health, sexual stimulation, psychological factors, etc. 

That said, following a vegan diet can contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle, which can play a role in your sex life. 

The Physical Effects of a Plant-Based Diet 

A balanced vegan diet can do great things for your overall health. Typically, vegan diets are lower in saturated fats and rich and nutrients. Because you’ve eliminated animal products, to complete your diet, you’ll need to fill it with a variety of plant products, which are nutrient and vitamin-rich. Studies have found that vegans typically have a lower BMI and a lower risk of heart disease. 

Two known causes of erectile dysfunction and overall vascular function of the penis are obesity and heart disease. So, while choosing to follow a vegan diet may or may not contribute directly to the strength of your erections, it has been proven to reduce two factors that can contribute to ED. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction and a medical professional is suspecting that heart disease or obesity may be causing your ED, following a plant-based diet can treat those conditions and work to alleviate your ED. 


The Psychological Effects of a Plant-Based Diet 

Sexual performance is not only influenced by physical health but also psychological factors. Body image, confidence, stress, and anxiety are all factors that can play a part in achieving erections or contributing to ED. So how can a plant-based diet affect mental health and thereby sexual performance? 


A common positive effect of a vegan diet is weight loss in those switching from eating meat and dairy. Though having a fitter-looking body isn’t the only way to feel confident in the bedroom, shedding excess pounds can play a part in increasing your overall body confidence. If you feel better about how your body looks when it comes time to have sex, you may notice that previous anxieties or self-consciousness are reduced or even gone. Without these mental barriers or stressors, your body can complete the chemical processes that it needs to achieve and sustain an erection. 

No Negative Effects on Erections  

While the evidence to support a claim that a vegan diet directly leads to better erections is subjective, of the research that has been conducted, a vegan or vegetarian diet is touted to alleviate common causes of erectile dysfunction. If you are struggling with ED due to physical health issues, such as cardiovascular disease or obesity, following a vegan diet can help treat those health conditions. 

If you’re wondering about the effects of a vegan diet on your own erections, conduct your own experiment. Switch to a vegan diet and examine if and how your overall health changes and, if your sex life changes because of it. Of course, consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to find a diet that fits your lifestyle and health needs before you make any drastic changes. If anything, you’re likely to see a positive change in both. 

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