Your guide to ED symptoms and treatments

Your guide to ED symptoms and treatments

The first step in treating a health issue is to properly identify your symptoms. This is especially true for health-related issues like erectile dysfunction. When ED is left untreated, it can have a significant impact on those affected and their sexual partners. Men are often left wondering what the exact reasons for erectile dysfunction are, so they can better identify ED’s early warning signs. Below, you’ll find an ED symptom guide, including both the physical and mental side effects of the condition.

Common erectile dysfunction symptoms

Every man is different and so the warnings signs of erectile dysfunction present themselves with varying degrees of severity in each individual. However, men with ED may experience the following:

  • Difficulty becoming aroused or feeling sexual desire
  • The inability to achieve an erection
  • The inability to maintain an erection for the duration of intercourse or masturbation
  • The inability to ejaculate

Identifying your symptoms is the first step in treating ED.

The impact of ED isn't limited to the bedroom, it can carry over into many other facets of your life. Stress, depression, low confidence, and anxiety are all residual effects of erectile dysfunction that can affect your relationship, career, and general well-being. However, many men with ED maintain a happy and healthy sex life by identifying their symptoms, communicating with their partners, and utilizing safe and effective ED treatment options.

The latest ED treatments

There are multiple erectile dysfunction treatments available. Many men take prescription drugs for ED, but these pills can cause negative side effects, be quite expensive, and require multiple doctor visits. Prescription drugs for ED may not always be desirable if a man is diagnosed with conditions like heart-related diseases or diabetes because of possible interactions with current medications. Other ED treatments include vacuum pumps or constriction devices which can be painful and awkward to use.While the search for a new ED treatment seems to be endless, it’s important to take your personal needs and pre-conditions into consideration.

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Start doing something about your erectile dysfunction symptoms today!