Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Published: November, 06 2020

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction in males. Defined by a recurring inability to reach and maintain an erection, ED can greatly impact your sex life. Luckily, there are a handful of erectile dysfunction exercises that can help to treat your ED and get you back on track with normal erectile function. Implementing these exercises into a routine can be an effective natural method for how to keep an erection without medication. From Kegel exercises to Pilates, here are some ED exercises to keep you feeling your best in the bedroom and beyond.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor, and in doing so, studies show that pelvic exercises for men helped with ED by increasing blood circulation to the penis. To perform a pelvic floor exercise, you tighten the muscles that prevent urine flow or the passage of gas. To create a Kegel exercise routine, engage your muscles, hold for about five seconds, then release. Repeat this between 10 to 20 times, two or three times daily. Keep in mind, you don’t have to start off with this amount. Like any exercise, do what you’re capable of, then work up to your Kegels as you get stronger. To increase your pelvic floor muscle strength, you can do your Kegels in various positions. Try them while you’re sitting in a chair, standing, or lying down. Avoid holding your breath or pushing with the stomach or buttocks, and relax after each set. For a good step-by-step tutorial on performing Kegel exercises, consult this article from Harvard Health Publishing.

Aerobic Activity

In June 2018, Sexual Medicine discovered that an average of 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise, four times a week for six months, can improve erectile dysfunction. This type of aerobic activity includes swimming, jogging, cycling, circuit-resistance training, and brisk walking. As long as the intensity is met, the study found it doesn’t necessarily matter which type of aerobic exercise you’re doing. Alternatively, you can also do online exercises at home or try out a class at your local gym. Because ED is oftentimes related to physical inactivity, aerobic exercise is one of the most effective ED exercises out there to keep your heart and body healthy.


Regularly practicing Pilates is also a great option for those searching for effective ED exercises. For example, knee fall outs are a pelvic floor muscle exercise that can be added to your routine of Kegel exercises. You’ll start by lying down with your feet on the ground and knees bent. Keep both feet planted as you slowly let one knee fall sideways toward the ground. Lower that knee as far as you’re able to while keeping your pelvic muscles engaged. Repeat with your other knee. Pelvic curls, also known as a “bridge” exercise in Pilates, are also good ED exercises for increasing pelvic floor strength. Start by lying on the ground with your hands at your sides, feet planted, and knees bent. Activate your pelvic floor muscles and raise your buttocks into the air with your bodyweight in your shoulders. Tighten your buttocks, hold, then exhale, release, and repeat. Finally, supine foot raises (which begin like knee fall outs) will also help engage and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. When doing these, lift one foot into the air to create a 45-degree angle. Hold the position, release, then repeat on the opposite leg. Whether you’re doing these exercises at home or in a class, Pilates is an excellent option for physical activity that can lead to stronger erections.

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Brain Exercises

Psychological issues, such as stress, depression, and anxiety, can contribute to sexual dysfunction. Because of the connection between the brain and the rest of the body, it’s important to think of your mind when discussing erectile dysfunction exercises. Whether it’s talking things out in therapy, improving communication with your partner, or implementing couples’ counseling, “exercising” the brain will help improve your overall sexual health. At Giddy, we know just how much ED exercises can help with erectile function. From Pilates to swimming, implementing these exercises into your routine can be exponentially beneficial to your sexual health. If you’ve tried some lifestyle changes, like incorporating exercise and foods for erectile dysfunction into your diet, and you still need some help with your erectile function, check out our ED devices like Eddie by Giddy. Eddie is an innovative device designed to treat ED comfortably. It will help you slow down, relax, and enjoy the moment, with no appointments or pills needed. Our ED products are backed by science as natural, over-the-counter, body-safe treatments for erectile dysfunction. Choose between four sizes to maximize Eddie’s effectiveness and reap the rewards. Once you’ve found your size with our online sizing process, you can place an order from our website, which will then arrive in a discreet package. Erectile dysfunction is very common. But at Giddy, we’re giving you a sleek, smart, sexy ED treatment option (that you can use alongside the occasional Kegels and supine foot raises).


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