3 Things to Remember When Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

3 Things to Remember When Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Written by Shan Boodram (photo above), Giddy Sexual Health and Wellness Expert

If you found yourself Googling some variance of the title above, know that you are not alone. In fact, a recent study revealed that 40% of men over the age of 18 experience ED, and there are 28 million women and 4 million men currently in a relationship with someone experiencing ED. And, 90% of women with more than 3 sexual partners in their lifetime will be in a relationship with someone with ED. Wanna know something even more interesting? Not only did the world keep turning, in many cases the relationship survived and thrived. So first things first; if you are here, you are well on your way to doing just that; as successfully managing someone else’s erectile dysfunction (ED) has three ingredients: understanding, empathy and action.


ED is a spectrum disorder meaning that some men experience it frequently while others experience it once in a while. Some struggle to achieve an erection and others have difficulty maintaining an erection. And no matter where your experiences might fall on that spectrum, know that at least 47 million men in the US alone, have experienced ED.

Next you may be wondering why it happens and I’d like to begin answering that question by underscoring that the vast majority of ED is physical vs mental. That means that most of the time, ED has nothing to do with external factors (like you) and more to do with what’s going on under the hood with the individual. For example, here are some more potential causes of ED: Certain prescription medications, Obesity, Clogged blood vessels, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Tobacco use, Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse, Sleep disorders, an enlarged prostate, surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord and ED can be a side effect of several other health conditions like heart disease or diabetes. In addition, a lot of medication used to treat some of the ailments above may also be the reason that someone can’t get it up below the belt. That is why solutions like Giddy's new medical device, "Eddie," are incredible; as it allows a man to work on other health concerns without feeling like they have to choose between feeling better and getting hard. To better understand this, here’s a crash course on how erections work.

Think of the penis like an air mattress: there are inflow tubes that pump air into the mattress that represents your arteries. And an outflow tube, that takes air out of the mattress that represents your veins. When you get aroused, your brain sends signals to your muscles to relax, opening up your arteries so blood can flow in. As blood continues to flow into the penis, its veins gradually constrict to form a “seal,” which helps to maintain the erection. Problems in achieving or maintaining an erection are often caused by insufficient blood flow into the penis or when blood flows into the penis but then seeps out too quickly to form the seal.

Thus, if the veins are unable to create a seal on their own, Eddie by Giddy can help perform this function instead! Eddie was designed by urologists, mathematicians, and engineers specifically to help men maintain penile rigidity.


As silly as it sounds, there’s a lot more than sex that a man associates his erection with. Thus, this can be an extremely sensitive area and sometimes, in ways that they have not examined themselves. That is why it is crucial to be empathetic when discussing ED with a man. First, don’t expect him to manage the situation perfectly. They may close up, get upset, play the blame game or isolate themselves, which are all completely normal. As their partner try your best not to take things too personal during this time and instead make yourself a judgment-free zone where they can, eventually, openly discuss their feelings and desire for solutions. Most importantly do not make their erectile dysfunction about you. Unfortunately 75% of women feel responsible for their partner’s ED and as we learned above, statistically this is rarely the case. Take into account that the person struggling with ED has their own disappointments and pain to manage so why would you want to add yours on top of that?

As a final tip, if you are having sex with someone who you have experienced ED with in the past, do not reach to see if they are erect as soon as things start getting hot and heavy. Touching their flaccid penis may cause embarrassment and make it even more difficult for them to get erect. Instead, let them take the lead and guide your hands where they want them until you are absolutely certain they are ready for takeoff.


While there are pharmaceuticals that can treat ED, they are often very expensive and come with other unwelcome side effects. Cock rings are a good alternative, but they put pressure on unnecessary parts of the penis, which can make the experience less pleasurable. That is why Eddie by Giddy truly is a groundbreaking medical device on the market; it was designed to fit the true anatomy of the penis, and constrict the right places without clenching the arteries or urethra. Eddie may provide millions of men and their partners an opportunity to address their ED for the very first time. Best of all? Anyone can order Eddie, making it an accessible way for you, whether you're someone experiencing ED or the partner of someone experiencing ED, to have control over what goes down in the bedroom.

Eddie applies pressure where you need it and not where you don't. The two bumps apply pressure to the dorsal vein to keep the blood in, and Eddie is shaped like a horseshoe, which is intended to make ejaculation feel more natural, comfortable, and pleasurable. And like I said, Eddie doesn’t require a prescription, making it an ED device women can buy too. No prescriptions, no side effects of ED pills, it’s reusable, and you can order yours discreetly from home by going to Giddy's online store.

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