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Testosterone shots are known to have a multitude of negative effects on the body. Continue on to learn more about the side effects of testosterone shots.
If you have low testosterone, there are many things you can do to boost it without medication. Read on for ways to increase testosterone naturally!
If you are experiencing problems with low testosterone, you could be suffering from late onset hypogonadism. Read on for more about this condition and what causes it.

No matter what phrases are used to describe erectile dysfunction (ED), many men are uncomfortable having conversations about ED with their partner; or even their doctor: “I

You already know how damaging high blood pressure can be to your overall health.

The term “Summer Penis” was coined by Tracy Moore, who pretty much nails it in her Me

These cards can be an incredibly useful tool to help your time spent social distancing at home, regardless of whether you’re single or living with a partner.

"What is non-monogamy? Can an open marriage really work?" These are questions many individuals in committed relationships ask.

Let’s be honest, sex can get messy.